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Acting Executive Director- Joseph Sittineri            JS


Founded in the year 1971 in Cape May County , New Jersey(USA) by a group of civic minded leaders.   That group believed that many Cape May County residents would benefit by the existence of an employment training center. Their goal was to provide jobs and job training for any resident that had a barrier to finding employment and developing a career.  After considering many organizational models, they decided that they would pursue “custom contract packaging” as their entry level strategy to start the company. A number of years later, after successfully serving a variety of major local business, government and casino industry customers— the company’s leadership decided that the local market for their “packaging” services was limited and insufficient. To sustain the ever-growing number of residents that were seeking its employment assistance—they needed something more. They concluded that the challenge of a tourism based seasonal economy was too great to accommodate the expansion needed to provide the work experiences required by their training center.

In 1978, after an intensive period of research and discussion, the company’s leaders decided that manufacturing its own product might satisfy  the company’s need to expand.  Shortly thereafter, the idea of manufacturing “beach tags” occurred.  While seeking contract work in the community, George J Plewa, Executive Director met T. Carroll Wilson, a local business owner, that later joined the company’s Board of Directors.  Mr. Wilson agreed to provide his technical expertise while Mr. Plewa identified markets, developed sales and financing and implemented the operational aspects of the  “beach tag” business.

After becoming operational, the tag manufacturing business continued to grow with each subsequent year of increased quality and efficiency  and  the ever present value of CUSTOMER APPRECIATION and SATISFACTION.  Today, Jersey Cape is the largest tag manufacturer in the United States and has sold Over 100,000,000 tags to customers across the country. As the future presents itself, Jersey Cape will always embrace its hallmark business values—WORLD CLASS TECHNOLOGY, CONTINUOUS QUALITY IMPROVEMENT and TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. We are proud to be a “Made in the USA”  and ” Made in New Jersey”company.

THANK YOU to our many customers that  have supported us for more than 30 years.

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